The Medulloblastoma Initiative is a project founded in 2021 by Fernando Goldsztein, following the recovery of his son from recurrent medulloblastoma, a malignant tumor of childhood. The prognosis of recurrent medulloblastoma is very poor, with only 5% of children surviving and no standard treatment available. Because of the limited funding available for pediatric cancers, which are considered as “rare” diseases (defined in the U.S. as those affecting fewer than 200,00 people), Fernando made a bold decision: to operationalize funding for a group of world-class medulloblastoma researchers who proposed a novel approach to find a cure. 

Now, The Medulloblastoma Initiative is already supporting this multi-laboratory, multi-institution effort to unravel the molecular and immunologic underpinnings of group 4 medulloblastoma, propelled by a straightforward purpose: accelerating the development of a protocol of cure that will save the lives of thousands of children around the world.

Being part of The Medulloblastoma Initiative means an opportunity to invest in the present and future of children around the world, and we invite you to join us!